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The Clinton Inn

On May 31, 2019, the Huffaker Family purchased The Clinton Inn in the heart of Clinton Michigan. We’re excited for this new adventure. Although our family business, Huffaker Homes LLC, has experience with residential real estate in Arizona, this is our first commercial venture.

At the start of 2019, we set our sights on Michigan and started looking for possible vacation properties throughout the state. When we found the Clinton Inn, we immediately fell in love with it. We flew to Michigan the next week, spent some time touring the area and the hotel.  We put in a formal offer the next day and began the purchasing process. The rest is history.

We are a small family business that believes in community involvement and giving back. We hope to become an integral part of the Clinton community and that the residents of Clinton will be proud of what we do. Our plans are to maintain the historical charm and beauty of the Clinton Inn while making some changes to the restaurant operations while also getting the hotel fully operational again. We’ll be very active in the day to day management and operation.

Here an update on what we have accomplished as of 11/1/2019:

  • We have 4 rooms open for nightly rental. All rooms have brand new high quality beds, mattresses, and linens.

  • We implemented our Sunday Brunch Menu and have had some great success with our unique dishes, including Marvin’s nearly world famous waffles.

  • We opened the Clinton Coffeehouse on the ground floor and serve up some of the smoothest coffee in Michigan.

  • We’re getting ready to renovate a section of the 2nd floor which will allow us to open up 4 more rooms and double our capacity.

  • We’re planning to renovate the 3rd floor apartments and turn them back into Hotel Suites, however the timeline for this is TBD.

  • We continue to work daily to improve our offerings and make each customer experience better.

  • We now offer private events for corporate parties, wedding dinners, birthday parties, and more. We can accomodate up to 100 guests.

  • We’ve installed Free WI-FI and high speed internet avaialble for guests in the Clinton Coffeehouse and throughout the hotel. Our coffee lounge area is a great place to come and hang out or have an impromptu meeting or “work from home” day.

We have enjoyed being part of the Clinton community and hope you’ll join us on this crazy adventure!

  • Closing Day at the Clinton Inn on May 31, 2019
“We’d like to thank Mark and Laurie Pedersen for their hospitality and generosity during the sale process. We have big shoes to fill. And we wish them the best of luck in their retirement and their future.” — The Huffaker Family

Who Are We

Marvin Huffaker

Marvin is a successful business man and entrepreneur and has been in business for himself for almost 20 years. He currently operates as an independent IT consultant specializing in Network and Internet Security for businesses around the United States and even globally.

“I fell in love with Michigan as I travelled around the state extensively for work early in my career as an IT professional.  I can’t tell you how excited I am to be back. I hope that my family business can continue to honor the legacy that the Clinton Inn has become. “

Marvin believes in developing and maintaining lasting business relationships, with some of his current customers being with him for over 15 years. Marvin will be overseeing the entire Clinton Inn operation, working in hotel management, and handling business finances. He’ll also be utilizing his expertise to install secure Wi-Fi hotspots throughout The Clinton Inn to provide convenient free Wi-Fi to patrons and hotel guests.

Austin Huffaker

Austin grew up in Gilbert, Arizona. He enjoys playing basketball, exploring the outdoors, and pursuing various business ventures with his family. In Arizona, Austin managed our “DPL” project, where we bought a house in central Phoenix (built in 1954) and completely remodeled it.

“I’m really excited about the Clinton Inn because it allows me to use my experience in the food industry in my own business and really develop my skills as an entrepreneur. Being in Clinton is also going to be a very interesting change of pace from living in the suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona.”

Austin has been involved in a number of different business experiences and ventures throughout his youth and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the restaurant and kitchen management. He will be overseeing the restaurant operations at The Clinton Inn and managing contractors for the rehabilitation of the building.

Jasmine Huffaker

Jasmine is 20 years old and attends college at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona pursuing degrees in forensic chemistry, biology, and criminology & criminal justice. Jasmine loves to adventure around the world, experience new foods and cultures, and above all, she loves a good cup of coffee!

“Growing up my parents always talked about our time in Michigan and how beautiful Michigan is. So I guess it has always been my plan to end up here. My mom’s dream was always to come back and own her own bed and breakfast and have land with a big red barn on it and adventure all over this state, so owning the Clinton Inn feels like a huge step in the right direction, and the ultimate tribute to her.”

Jasmine has experience with the marketing and management of vacation rentals, and also has experience working in a local Flagstaff coffee shop. She handles the marketing and social media components of the business, and manages the Clinton Coffeehouse.

Work and Life

As Huffaker’s, we play hard, but we work even harder. We’ve learned that life is too short. We strive to build memories and make the most out of every day. Here are some pics from our personal lives, work lives, and just out having fun. We like to travel, explore new areas, go to music festivals, hike, and do road trips.

In Memory of Amy Huffaker

Amy Huffaker is the late wife of Marvin, and the mother of Austin and Jasmine. Marvin and Amy were married for almost 21 years. At the end of 2011, tragedy struck their family as Amy was diagnosed with Stage 3C Ovarian Cancer at the age of 37. She endured aggressive surgeries and chemotherapy for over three years, but passed away in March of 2015 at the age of 41. Marvin and Austin had just recently started their new real estate investment company, and those operations were completely halted. At the same time, Marvin drastically scaled down his IT business in order to care for Amy full time.

For Austin and Jasmine, their high school experience and teen years were strongly impacted as they watched their mom fight cancer and deal with the emotional roller coaster that it is. They had great friends and support at school, and somehow managed to stay strong through all of it. As a family it was one of the most difficult and challenging things you could ever imaging going through. Amy was able to attend Austin’s High School Graduation but passed away at the end of Jasmine’s Junior year.

Amy loved Michigan. When they lived in Grand Rapids between 1999 and 2001, Marvin traveled around the state extensively for work and often took the whole family for week-long working vacations. They saw many beautiful areas, and it was Amy’s dream to open a Bed and Breakfast in Northern Michigan. She wanted to have a big red barn, lots of chickens, and vast acreages of trees and “green”.

Even though the family had relocated to Arizona for work in 2001, they always talked about going back. But with Marvin’s new IT business taking off and the kids starting school and making new friends, they ended up putting roots down in Gilbert and staying in Arizona to raise the family. Buying properties in Michigan would have to wait until later when the kids were out of school and there was more flexibility to travel. Unfortunately, none of these plans came to fruition until now.

In 2018, Marvin, Jasmine, and Austin made a trip to Mackinac Island to sprinkle Amy’s ashes in view of the Mackinac Bridge. Mackinac Island was her favorite place in the entire world. In a way, this new venture is a tribute to Amy.

Read Amy’s full story here:

Ovarian Cancer and BRCA Awareness

We hope you’ll take a few minutes and learn about the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer and factors that contribute to higher risks. You could save your life or the life of someone you love.  The Huffakers have made it their mission to educate Men and Women about the risks and symptoms of Ovarian Cancer. They also promote awareness of the BRCA Genetic Mutation, which dramatically increases the risk of Breast, Ovarian, and Cervical Cancer in Women.  Amy carried the BRCA Gene.

Ovarian Cancer Symptoms

Historically, ovarian cancer was called the “silent killer” because symptoms were not thought to develop until the chance of cure was poor. However, recent studies have shown this term is untrue and that the following symptoms are much more likely to occur in women with ovarian cancer than women in the general population. These symptoms include:

  • Bloating
  • Pelvic and Abdominal Pain
  • Difficulty eating or feeling full quickly
  • Urinary symptoms (urgency or frequency)
  • Family History of Breast or Ovarian Cancer

Women with ovarian cancer report that symptoms are persistent and represent a change from normal for their bodies. The frequency and/or number of such symptoms are key factors in the diagnosis of ovarian cancer. Several studies show that even early stage ovarian cancer can produce these symptoms.

Women who have these symptoms almost daily for more than a few weeks should see their doctor, preferably a gynecologist. Prompt medical evaluation may lead to detection at the earliest possible stage of the disease. Early stage diagnosis is associated with an improved prognosis.

BRCA Awareness and Family History of Cancer

During Amy’s treatment, she was tested and confirmed BRCA1 Positive. Her sister had previously died of Breast Cancer in 2008, and it was later discovered that she did have extensive family history of the cancer. Prior to her diagnosis, this was not widely known or discussed. One of Amy’s aunts passed away from Ovarian Cancer, and her Grandmother passed away from Breast Cancer.

My point is this: Amy had extensive family history of Female Cancers, yet I was completely unaware of this fact until after her diagnosis. Even had I known, I’m not sure if I would have known that it increased her risk or that we needed to do anything differently. Looking back, we would likely have taken a completely different approach when Amy started experiencing symptoms.

Relay for Life

As part of their mission to support the cancer community and to educate people about the symptoms and risk factors of Ovarian Cancer, the Huffaker Family is actively involved with numerous Relay for Life events each year. They want to help find a cure for cancer, support the cancer community as a whole, and honor those who have been lost to this horrible disease. Read more about Marvin and the Huffaker Family’s involvement with Relay For Life here:

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